Travel Medical Insurance

Did you know that your health insurance that you have here in the states does not always follow you when you travel abroad?  Travel medical gives you peace of mind when you travel outside of the United States.  You choose your deductible and your maximum benefit and the number of days you wish to have coverage. Please click the link below to review plans and enroll!

What does Travel Medical Insurance do for You?

It gives you the protection you have at home, no matter where you go.

  • Coverage for medical expenses if you are hurt or sick while traveling.
  • Transportation to the care you need if it is not available in your location.
  • 24 hour multilingual travel assistance | Help finding a doctor is one of many services
  • Get coverage quickly | No need to answer questions about your health history

There are several plans we offer through our provider Seven Corners. Please click HERE to visit their site to compare the different plans we offer through them and call us with your questions!